Craig Sears' TBI struggle spotlighted

The Sarah Jane Brain Project has spotlighted TBI advocate Craig Sears in a recent national communication.

On Thursday February 19th, Jennipher Dickens, Communications Director for the group, wrote, "If you are wondering why we are devoting day and night at The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation to help children and young adults who suffer from the #1 leading cause of death and disability, please take a few minutes and read the story of a young Connecticut man named Craig Sears...". The message then continues with Craig's 20 year struggle with TBI and against discrimination.

The Sarah Jane Brain Project also recognized and thanked Craig for his involvement with TBI awareness and education, his endorsement of the PABI Plan, and his willingness to serve on the groups National Advisory Board. "Your advocacy efforts and personal experience make a great addition to our team," Dickens wrote.