The National PABI grand finale Heroes Tour in New York City November 17, 2009 "Thank you"

As a Survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury it gives me great pleasure in saying (Thank you) to everyone for coming out to the National PABI grand finale Heroes Tour in New York City November 17, 2009 I also want to say thank you for helping with The goal and mission of the Sarah Jane Brain Foundations National PABI plan that is so important. This program is sorely needed, and it will help thousands of children and their families overcome the difficulties following a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It will also help raise awareness of TBI and help the thousands of other American young adults who yearly suffer a PABI as result of accidents, falls, strokes, or by other means. And it will help protect the children of tomorrow from ever having to experience the horror and heartache of PABI. This coupled with the growing awareness that thousands of our troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan too are suffering from TBI. This injury is being called the signature wound of these conflicts. For myself, I wish on that July afternoon 21 years ago, that there was a national PABI plan in place. I wish that the States, doctors, and nurses, and all the cops, judges, and people whoever had the power over me had a clue about TBI. I wish that when I needed it, there were people to turn to, answers to the questions I didn't even know I had, and the resources in place for me. I wonder how different my life would be

Sincerely, "Thank you"

Craig Sears
A Voice for Traumatic Brain Injury