Congressman Jim Himes Connecticut-4 about the Corrupt State Legal System

Hi! Congressman Himes,
My name is Craig Sears I am a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury on the ABI Medicaid Waiver, in the past you have helped me when the Department of Social Services broke the laws that guarantee my rights under the ABI Medicaid Waiver which resulted in my program being taken away for no reason without cause. I want to thank you for what your office did to help me get my program back. I know for sure that this is happening to others, I would like you to ensure that this does not continue to happen.

I am threatened by the state of Connecticut Department of Social Services ability to disregard the very laws that were implemented to protect individuals like myself who have a Traumatic Brain Injury. I am concerned about how Medicare funds are being distributed in each state through the ABI Medicaid program. There are 25 states that have ABI Waiver support. By the state of Connecticut allowing DSS to break the laws of the ABI Medicaid Waiver it is leading the way for the other 24 states to discriminate against and take advantage of someone like me -

You should have received official documents that reference specific case laws that were violated; these documents show the official documentation from my Fair Hearing Statement that was developed by the Office Of Protection And Advocacy For Persons With Disabilities .I have submitted these documents and more to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities on several occasions and your office in Bridgeport CT to no avail.

I have also contacted State Representative Peggy Reeves who has contacted Your Office in Bridgeport CT and the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. These parties have indicated to me that they believe that the Department of Social Services has in fact been in violation of laws that were enacted to protect citizens like myself based on the facts that were presented to them.

The question at hand now is why is my case not being heard/ addressed properly?

Why is everybody passing the buck? Medicare and The State of Connecticut and the ABI Medicaid Waiver laws are not being enforced. Please give this situation your fullest attention as your influence will impact the thousands of survivors living with Traumatic Brain on the ABI Medicaid Waiver.

Sincerely Craig Sears

Sec. 17b-260a-1I, Individuals who are eligible for ABI services shall be given free choice of all qualified providers of each service included in his or her plan of care. When Mr. Sears exercised this right to choice, DSS refused to authorize service provision and payment to an alternate DSS/ Allied approved provider of his choice, resulting in a complete absence of services for Mr. Sears. Sec. 17b-260a-1J7 states that it is the responsibility of the Department to pay for approved ABI waiver services delivered by qualified providers through its fiduciary agent on behalf of the individual