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About Us
Who are we?

We are parents of children or young adults who are suffering from the #1 cause of death and disability for American youth: a brain injury. Some of our kids are severely disabled due to the brain injury, some of our kids were killed because of the brain injury and some of our kids appear to be highly functioning after the brain injury yet there are still unseen effects – it’s “the silent epidemic”.

We are Americans who have a brain injury. We live, work and play in every community across the country.

We may have acquired our brain injury from traumatic events such as (these are examples):
Motor vehicle crash
Blast injury from war
Sports-related concussion/brain injury
Fall or blow to the head
Child abuse / Shaken Baby Syndrome / Abusive Head Trauma
Gunshot wound

We may also have acquired our brain injury due to non-traumatic causes such as (these are examples):
Brain tumor
Insufficient oxygen

We are friends and family of Americans suffering from a brain injury.

We are professionals who work with brain-injured Americans.

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your classmates!

All of our lives have been forever changed due to one brain injury.

The system of care for the millions of American families dealing with brain injury is arbitrary from state to state, random from school district to school district and completely haphazard from one doctor’s office to the next.

EVERY 40 Seconds an American youth enters an Emergency Department suffering from a NEW brain injury due to trauma (and this doesn’t even include all of the undiagnosed brain injuries or the non-traumatic brain injuries). EVERY TIME this happens to another American family, that family is stuck reinventing the wheel (the system of care for their child and family).

We have a plan to develop a seamless, standardized, evidence-based system of care that is universally accessible for the millions of American families dealing with a brain-injured youth. This first-ever National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan (PABI Plan) was created and supported by many of the leading experts in the field as well as affected families from all across the country.

We are working to implement this PABI Plan by educating our elected officials as well as the related federal, state and local governmental officials who oversee the current arbitrary and random systems of care. We will also hold our government accountable and educate our communities about their actions or lack of actions.

WE would like YOU to become part of this national movement.

To become a VOICE FOR MY CHILD Click here www.voiceformychild.com

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The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation
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