Brain Injury Survivors Being Thrown in the Streets!

I don’t get this how/why the State of Connecticut is letting Employment Options, LLC get's away with this!
This is an email that Paul G. Bauman Executive Director Employment Options, LLC 800 Main St. South Suite 102 Southbury, CT 06488 sent to Dr.Tariq Abdulaziz after Dr. Abdulaziz tried to help and protect his clients:

"Yesterday, we informed the Department of Developmental services that due to ongoing unethical practices on your part we must terminate any working relationship with you as of May 7, 2014. The unethical practices to which we speak have been outlined in a formal complaint to the department. Any conservator that chooses to continue your services as cognitive behaviorist after the above date will be discharged from our agency. Following this 30 day timeframe we will have no contact with you except through our attorney. We have requested to DSS that no client meetings take place during this 30 day time period. During the 30 days, all communication should be through me, and that only by email. No Employment Options staff are permitted to communicate with you directly. Effective immediately, you will no longer be allowed on any property belonging to Employment Options or Michele Zurko-Smith. if you desire to see clients, we will assist in transporting them to you until May 7th. If desired, please send me a list of clients you wish to see with the time and location."

As you can see from above Employment option, LLC is trying to cover up their mistake by putting the blame on someone else as they tried to do to me when I made formal complaints against their service, which was unethical and illegal treatment of me. The only difference was that I was a client that proves them wrong. Just want to make this clear you can fire Employment Options LLC and stay with the doctor of your choice. Sec. 17b-260a-1I, Individuals who are eligible for ABI services shall be given free choice of all qualified providers of each service included in his or her plan of care. Sec. 17b-260a-1J7 states that it is the responsibility of the Department to pay for approved ABI waiver services delivered by qualified providers through its fiduciary agent on behalf of the individual. It’s a person center program Employment option LLC or any other service provider like the State of CT, DSS cannot tell you who your doctor or etc can be.

Craig Sears, Member CTBISN (Ct Brain Injury Support Network)

References Slavery in Southbury: