Slavery in Southbury

I can’t seem to understand why it’s okay to take someone who is not an American Citizen and put them to work with 1 to 3 clients a day for over 128+ hours a week? Why isn't Department of Social Services taking people who are American Citizen and who have gotten the proper training for these jobs? It’s not fair that these survivors have to basically live in fear because they have horrible services from not only the state of Connecticut but their own “ILST providers”. I feel it’s a bit ridicules that the state of Connecticut cannot see what is going on. But instead pushes all this under the carpet and destroy the lives of the brain injury survivors.
Concerning: Employment Options, LLC 800 Main St. South Suite 102 Southbury, CT 06488

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman!
Office of the Governor
210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT. 06106

RE: Allegations of Identity theft amongst human services workers Attention: Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

I am writing to you regarding an issue of concern that is very likely to impact the Office of the Governor. In the past month I have reported these issues to Homeland Security, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Social Services (DSS), and Allied Community Resources. The media is researching this issue and the information herein will be going to John G. Rowland at WTIC NewsTalk 1080. It is my hope that the administration, DSS, and the media will thoroughly investigate the allegations listed herein. I believe that the administration may at least look into the allegations here but it is possible that DSS may have reason to avoid a proper investigation. Therefore, I am giving the information to as many different entities as possible with the hope that someone dispels the allegations herein. There are vulnerable people with disabilities who may be at-risk. In addition, we have vulnerable immigrants who may be working in an environment that is akin to modern day slavery!

The allegations are as follows:

1.There is allegedly an identity theft or identity manipulation ring at a company that provides services to individuals on the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver Program. Dorian Long (DSS) can provide you with the name of the company!

2.It is alleged that the staff purchase and sell identities from immigrants with work visas. 3.It is alleged that the individuals who purchase the identities pay the individual from whom they have purchased the identity.

1.An individual at the company worked under the name Adjowa (odd jew wah). This individual indicated to me that Adjowa is not her real name but is the name of her sixty year old aunt who has since returned to Ghana. Adjowa is at best thirty-five years of age.

2.Adjowa stated that when she arrived in Connecticut she did not have a work visa and chose to use her aunt’s information to work as her aunt had a work visa.

3.Adjowa stated that when she received her work visa in her real name (Matilda Pearson) that she sold the name and identity of Matilda Pearson to her cousin. I do not know the cousins real name.

4.The cousin in turn took Matilda’s information and secured work at the same company.

5.Obviously, the individual who worked under the name Matilda Pearson is not really Matilda Pearson and could not have been properly vetted by the company.

6.Adjowa (i.e., Matilda Pearson) indicated that the identity she gave her “cousin” contained the picture of Adjowa (i.e., Matilda Pearson). Adjowa had worked at the company for at least four years prior to her cousin arriving at the company. One assumes that company officials would have recognized the picture of a long-time employee (I.e., Adjowa or Matilda Pearson) being provided by another individual claiming to be the person in the picture.

7.I have always known Adjowa (i.e., Matilda Pearson’s) husband by the name Bruce. Adjowa indicated that her husband’s name is not Bruce. She indicated that her husband’s real name is Vincent. 8. Bruce (i.e., Vincent) worked at the same company years ago. Adjowa indicated that Bruce (i.e., Vincent) has sold his identity to workers at the company on two separate occasions.

9. Most importantly, Adjowa indicated that there have been a number of staff, primarily from Ghana that have implemented this scheme at the company.

10. Adjowa indicated that it is an open secret in the Ghanian community that this scheme can lead to employment for those from Ghana without a work visa.

11. Individuals at the company are paid a salary and are required to work as many as 128 hours per week or more. This practice is legal. However, these individuals are providing services to as many as three individuals with brain injury simultaneously which brings into question the quality of care and the ethics of such a practice. Granted 56 of the hours are likely overnight services. However, that still leaves an average of 10 hours of service per day during the week to provide direct care service to three individuals.

12.Due to the complexity of coordinating such services, survivors rarely venture into the community after work hours and on weekends. Essentially, survivors are relegated to their residence from Friday evening until Monday morning. This is a community-based program that has been marketed to Centers for Medicaid Services as promoting community integration.

13.DSS has approved a number of staff from this company to provide the highest level service on the program (i.e., Independent Living Skills Training). DSS has increased the criteria needed to secure the ILST designation. Individuals from this company have attempted to secure work outside of the company in question. When their documents are submitted by a competitor who wants to hire the staff the fiduciary (Allied Community Resources,, Inc) informs the potential new provider that these individuals are not approved to provide the service. Therefore, they are approved to provide the service under the agency with engaging in possible identity issues but not allowed to provide the service to other companies. It is not the case that the agency has a special designation that allows them to special consideration for the ILST service. The company does have a special designation for vocational services but not ILST.

14.The case against this alleged larceny can be made without a piece of documentation directly from the company. Adjowa indicated that she placed her paycheck from the company into her Matilda Pearson bank account. She stated that the cousin deposited her check into a bank account with her real name.

15. The Connecticut Drivers License for Matilda Pearson had the following address: 1331 Burnside Avenue, East Hartford, CT.

16.I asked Adjowa to come forward. She refused. She stated that she and her husband have applications for citizenship and she does not want to harm her chances of obtaining citizenship.

4.There have been alleged larcenies committed against individuals with brain injury at this company.

5.A Connecticut State Trooper (Oxford Resident State Trooper Ryan Frechette) pursued a Ghanian immigrant regarding a larceny. He requested a picture of the suspect as well as the suspect’s personnel file. When he looked at the picture and the Connecticut Drivers License he noticed that these were not the same individual. This is a different individual from the group mentioned under item number 3.

6.The Connecticut State Trooper placed a called the woman who is pictured on the Drivers License. The Trooper indicated that the woman stated that her identification had been stolen. The Trooper stated to me that he does not believe the woman. He stated that his instincts are telling him that this woman knows the woman who is working under her identity.

7.In November 2013 an employee at the company was arrested for working under a false social security number. It is believed that the woman who was arrested is also the woman the trooper called. That is the belief of a group of people who have seen the pictures.

8.I spoke with a Ghanian immigrant who is legally employed in law enforcement for the State of Connecticut. He has also worked in the field of Human Services. He indicates that this identity pyramid scheme is a pervasive. He believes that as many as half or more of the Ghanian employees that have ever worked at the company may have done so under false documents.

9.An additional issue is that the company allegedly misleads consumers regarding their services. For example, let’s say the brain injury survivor is scheduled to receive three services. Let’s call the services A, B, and C. For sake of simplicity let’s say the client is to receive 20 hours of A, B, and C respectively for a total of 60 hours. The agency places a staff person with the survivor and provides 60 hours of service. However, the staff person is approved to provide service A and B but is not approved to provide service C. The company does not bill for service C but it also does not indicate to the survivor, the family, or the community-based team that the person providing the service is not approved to provide the service. If the team were informed they could hire a different company solely to provide service C. Imagine going to get your vehicle repaired and you need three parts. The service professional gives you two parts and rigs your car so it is not obvious to you that the company did not have the third item. Whether it is done to prevent a potential competitor from entering the space or an attempt to buy time to later secure these hours it is unethical at a minimum and it seriously impairs evaluation of client progress as the team is assuming the client is receiving the services.

10.One of the homes managed by a Ghanian was found to have locks on the refrigerator, limited phone access for the clients (i.e., staff have cell phones and a fax machine occupies the phone line), and unclean living environments as documented through photographs taken by visitors. Please request a letter written by a conservator who recently removed her survivor from the agency due to similar concerns. The case is based in Danbury Connecticut.

11. A representative of the company indicated to me that a staff person of one of my clients had taken the clients’ identity and secured food from the Southbury Food Bank. It is believed that the food was given to another individual and the food mailed to Ghana.

12. The company provides each house with a food card on a weekly or biweekly basis. The cards are alleged to be converted into cash or gift cards and these funds are sent to Ghana.

13. The individual who related information in bullets 11 and 12 was informed of what I learned about Adjowa (i.e., Matilda Pearson). A week later Adjowa (i.e., Matilda Pearson) left the country and returned to Ghana. Adjowa indicated to me that she did not believe that the current administration would take serious action against her and she planned to return to her home in East Hartford. She did indicate that her father is ill and she would go to Ghana but she had every intention of returning to her 1331 Burnside Avenue East Hartford residence.

14.Interestingly, Adjowa indicated that she is approved to work as an ILST under the name Matilda Pearson. Therefore, she has contacted Allied Community Resources and secured approval to go into the homes of people with brain injuries as private contractor despite the allegations herein.

15.Two additional issues that are not directly related to the undocumented workers but shows a pattern of problems are as follows: A staff person was killed in a motor vehicle accident. It is alleged that the staff person had just returned from transporting a client. It is alleged that the brakes on the company car failed. A client was injured in a motor vehicle accident. It is alleged that the client was unbelted. It is alleged that the staff could not provide a reasonable explanation for being in the area where the accident occurred.

The questions I have may not be relevant to the Office of the Governor but they may be relevant to the public.

1.Is the safety and security of individuals with disabilities a serious issue for Governor Malloy and his administration?

2.Would it be prudent to investigate the allegations listed above to ensure that individuals in our state are not subjected to undocumented workers?

3.Is it Medicaid fraud to receive payment for work done by undocumented workers?

4. How are workers allowed to provide the highest level service on the program for one company but the same individuals cannot provide the same service for other companies?

5. Has DSS created a system (wittingly or unwittingly) of indentured servitude within this company? Essentially, is DSS enslaving Ghanian immigrants by not allowing those who may be working legally to transfer their credentials to other companies?

6. Other companies are attempting to have their staff (American citizens) approved to provide the service but are frequently rebuffed by the fiduciary due to stringent and arbitrary rules put in place by Dorian Long who administers the program. Allied Community Resources (ACR) indicates that the rules regarding approval are exclusively determined by Dorian Long (DSS) during weekly phone conferences between Ms. Long and ACR management.

7. The company in question is believed to be the largest company on the waiver program. Is it possible that there is a private agreement between DSS and the agency? The rumor on the street is that the company is a potential target for union takeover. While there is no proof to support this theory, it is reasonable that competitors might begin to question why there appears to be alleged preferential treatment.

I bring these issues to your attention for a number of reasons. Let’s be clear, the most basic reason is that I have knowledge of these issues. If something happens at a later point and it is stated that I was aware of the practice, I have no doubt that I would be held accountable as I should. Informing is a thankless job and my life would be a lot simpler if I did not know this information. However, my burden is now your burden! If there are any questions please contact me directly.

Respectfully, Tariq Abdulaziz, Ph.D., M.S., MBA! President & Director, NeuroStrategies, Inc.

I have been through the ringer, between the State of Connecticut as well as program providers such like Employment Options LLC. I want to personally thank my Doctor (Tariq Abdulaziz) for everything that he has done already as well as the fight he continues and the support he gives to not only brain injury survivors but all people with disabilities. We definitely need more doctors just like him. People who actually care!

Craig Sears, Member CTBISN (Ct Brain Injury Support Network)