Stop attacking brain injury survivors

Below is a copy of the e-mail that I sent to Commissioner Roderick L. Bremby along with copy's sent by certified mail to 55 Farmington Avenue Hartford, CT 06105 and to my human services advocate at OPA.

To Roderick L. Bremby
Department of Social Services
55 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105

I'm putting this letter together because after my meeting with my ABI team at Bridgeport DSS which also included my human services advocate from OPA it was suggested that I put this letter together as a formal complaint to commissioner Bremby and governor Dan Malloys office also cc here.

My name is Craig Sears I am a brain injury survivor receiving services from the ABI Waiver; I am not writing this letter to attack anyone, but at the same time, I must ask that no one from the Department of Social Services attacks me, or dismisses what I have to say. I may not always say things perfectly, and it is easy for you to confuse me and upset me, so I am asking that everyone remembers I do have a brain injury, you can't see my injury, but it is there. I especially ask that Kathy Bruni not be allowed to attack me or my staff, I have been repeatedly disrespected by her, in meetings, hearings, and recently, when she pulled my staff aside and told them she felt "sorry" for them because they work with me.

Many people in our community are appalled by that lack of understanding and the quick anger when we question anything she says, unfortunately, for brain injury survivors, this is who you have put in charge of our programs. Attacking or being cruel to me is also seen as an attack on the rest of the brain injury community and their families.

Letter from my Independent Living Skills Trainer to my ABI Dr about the comment Kathy Bruni Manager, Alternate Care Unit Department of Social Services said to her after I gave my comment.

”Good Afternoon, Doctor Yesterday at the public hearing a woman by the name of Kathy Bruni came up to me after it was all over and asked me if I was "Craig's staff". I answered her, "yes I am" she then proceeded to say "oh wow I feel for you, I really do". I kind of brushed it off and laughed about it because I knew she wasn't too fond of Craig because of previous in counters with each other. After Craig was done speaking I was telling him what she said but it was because I thought it was kind of funny. He also laughed. But the day went on Craig brought to my attention that she could have meant it in a hurtful way. I didn't think so but I did stop and think about it and Craig is a very loud person when he feels strongly about something he has a tendency to get hyped up and upset. But he always come to the table with facts and if he's unsure about something he asks questions. I didn't feel that it was appropriate for her to say that to me it was one thing about asking me if I was his staff but to make a comment like she did I think it would had been better left unsaid. I don't know if she said it as an attack on Craig but I know that it was completely unprofessional especially in her line of work. I hope I didn't take too much of your time I just wanted to make sure you knew what was said and how I felt about it. We all know how things can be twisted around.

Stephanie, (Craig's ILST)"
Being a voice for all those that don't have one;
This constant harassment by Kathy Bruni isn't funny at all, it's insulting on so many levels. I do not go to these public meetings - hearings to be made fun of. I go to try and make others understand the difficulties I as well as so many other brain injury survivors and their families go through on a daily basis. It's not easy living a life of a brain injury survivor. All the challenges we have to face, all the people looking down on us because we are "different". Well everyone, including the state and those who put the changes into affect need to understand that we are human just like them and we have feelings too. The difference is you have less to worry about. You don't have to worry about people helping you get dressed or do your laundry or even cook you food. Some people even have to be feed! All these people who claim they "understand" well they don't, when you walk in a day or a life in my shoes or one of the so many other brain injury survivors or even their families you might understand it a little better. I consider brain injury survivors apart of my extended brain Injury family and I will continue to put on a fight. We need to understand the reason why we have a waiver in the first place that was made for brain injury survivors.

That goes without saying I can relate,
Prior to obtaining waiver services, and as a result of a lack of community based supports, I was imprisoned and institutionalized.

In 1990 the state department of mental health was being sued by 25 brain injury victims who were placed in psychiatric hospitals because there was nowhere else to put them and no services or programs for them.

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My life today fact: I live and work a program 24/7, I have taken the advice to try and better myself and every time I have, the system has found a way to bring me down and leave me with no room to grow. I understand the advice people have given me and I have used it and have worked it all into my life on more than one occasion. Every time I put the tools in my "tool-box" (or should I say brain) in an attempt to better myself, the system has found a way of pulling me back down. I have kept in this "box" where I'm very limited on what I can do. I believe that my rehabilitation has been curtailed as a result.

I can't help but to be concerned about what the state is going to do to me next, all because I have a Traumatic Brain Injury. It's bad enough the state took and wasted 5 years of my life by putting me in prison, all because I am disabled and they did not want to help me. How can you keep putting your trust into a system that would rather lock you up and throw away the key then help the people who actually need it?

With that being said, Is Kathy Bruni Manager, Alternate Care Unit Department of Social Services. So arrogant that she thinks she knows better than the leading experts or does she just not care about people with disabilities? (Brain Injury)

I want a public face to face apology from Kathy Bruni at the next brain injury meeting held at the state capitol televised by CTN to myself and the rest of the brain injury community which includes my ILST staff that Kathy Bruni attacked at the advisory board meeting & CTBISN, family members and supporters! Because they were present on another occasion when Kathy Bruni attacked me; including removing Kathy Bruni from the waiver altogether! Making it impossible for her to have any contact with the brain injury community and our programs!

I do not like being attacked, harassed, or made fun of by state employees because I am disabled and I come to the table with facts.

(Governor Malloy and Commissioner Bremby)
• I am ashamed of what you did, and continue to do to brain injury survivors, veterans and disabled children and adults in this state.

Craig Sears
Brain Injury Survivor
Board Member
CT Brain Injury Support Network