The irony is that I thought he could help me!

My response to a letter from Department of Social Services Commissioner Roderick L. Bremby.

Hi Commissioner Bremby,

I find it ironic that you ask me; to move beyond the public attack that Mrs. Bruni initiated against me.

Commissioner Bremby, you were criticized in a forum at the Legislative Office Building in the Spring of 2014 regarding how you would manage the "slots" on the ABI Waiver. You were so angry that you attempted to charge the podium and attack the person who was speaking at the time. Your staff had to restrain you from going back to the podium. There are a number of witnesses to this event and there was an individual hired to video record the events on that day, so your behavior at the event is well documented. Your department then targeted the speaker by conducting an audit of the provider and it is my understanding that you continue to pursue that individual to this day.

I find it hypocritical for you to critique my handling of my situation with Mrs. Bruni.

It is my understanding that public hearings allow individuals to voice dissenting opinions. Nevertheless, you chose the "low road" when you were critiqued.

I did nothing to invite the attack from Mrs. Bruni and I am a brain injury survivor. I am a member of the class of individuals that you have asked Mrs. Bruni to represent. Can you imagine how painful her comments are to me and how insulting she has been to the entire community by the statements she made?

Mrs. Bruni attacked me publicly. She must apologize publicly. Most importantly, Mrs. Bruni is clearly the wrong person to represent our community. She insults survivors, she attempts to manipulate families, and she attempts to bully providers.

In addition, it has come to my attention that you (Commissioner Bremby) are manipulating the slots on the ABI Waiver in exactly the manner as was anticipated at the hearing in the Spring of 2014. You are picking "winners" and "losers" by setting aside MFP slots that are not being used, providing preferential position to DMHAS applicants, and leaving those who are at home or in a nursing facility to languish without any real chance of obtaining a position on the ABI Waiver.

The DMHAS clients are receiving community services, MFP clients are receiving community services and applicants who are at home or in a nursing facility are not receiving community services and at this time have no real hope of ever securing a position on the waiver.

When I go to a store or any other place of business I am served on a "first come" "first served" basis.

You are toying with people's lives based on who saves the State of Connecticut the most money. It's wrong and you should be ashamed Commissioner!

I encourage you to do what is right. Provide the slots as you agreed to provide them in your waiver application and provide the survivors with a representative who treats us like human beings!

Thank you for your time,

Craig Sears
Brain Injury Survivor
Board Member
CT Brain Injury Support Network