Health and Human Services testimony

Regarding the outsourcing of Case Management

ABI and ABI II Waiver Amendment Re-submittal and Hearing.

My name is Craig Sears I am brain injury survivor receiving services from the ABI waiver; I am here today regarding the outsourcing of Case Management.

1. The program is a Person-Centered Program and if DSS places a member on my team that I cannot choose or fire the Department of Social Services will have taken away my authority to hire and fire which is a fundamental feature of the program.

1. At present I choose all members of my team who cost against my budget including the doctor, agency providers or independent providers

2. If the Department of Social Services places a Case Manager on my team and that means that I cannot hire a Case manager in the future if I need that service this would limit my freedom that I have at this time

1. At this time, If I needed a Case Manager today I could interview as many people as I like and hire whom I choose

2. I would have the responsibility of hiring and firing that individuals

3. What DSS is doing takes away my ability to choose who I want as a provider

3. I am opposed to the outsourcing of the waiver to a community-based agency because I believe that the brain injury is so unique and requires attention of well-trained social worker. That said, I am very opposed to DSS using my budget to hire social workers to administer the program while at the same time assigning someone to my team that I have no authority to manage.

4. DSS decides when it is convenient for the program to be Person-Centered. In no way is what is being proposed Person-Centered and I ask you to reject the proposal.

Craig Sears
Brain Injury Survivor
Board Member
CT Brain Injury Support Network