Having to relive it all over again

People tell me they do not recommend that I do anything about these situations because I was informed that it looks creepy, But this B.S. does not change the fact that my ABI waiver program was made for advocacy and I do it because I think of other brain injury survivors as part of my extended brain injury family and I will never regret that. If I can save one other person from being taken advantage of the way I was then it is so worth it! And if someone holds that against me they can go kick rocks because I will continue to talk about my experiences as a brain injury survivor in hopes to help someone else. The one and only way that a change is possible if enough people have become fed up. But if people don’t come forward it will continue. The only way we can grow by letting people know we exist and we are fighting for everyone.

In this file are my ABI Dr’s notes along with Staff notes of just some of the things I’ve been through because of Jamie Arber, Patty Happy trying to justify getting out of providing me the services that I was entitled to. This happened to me several years ago and because of the false accusations made by Staff superiors at Employment Options LLC Jamie Arber now of Mindscape Industries, Patty Happy. It's still coming back to haunt (me/US) to this day take for example Stephanie’s file below my notes, let’s not forget DSS and all that B.S that they put me through, I had those put on file with Jessica @ P&A that brings us to the new agency workers. Once again being a voice as you know I am dead set against the new case managers working on the ABI waiver and I still am. On 9/7/16 I had my first team meeting with my new case worker, and it went better than I expected. I felt as if things finally were starting to make a little more sense and this new case worker was here to work on my side for once and not against me. Then a day or two went by and my doctor informed me that the new ABI Specialized Care Manager was someone who I worked with before, (with another company) and that she needed to be removed from my team because there could be issues in the future because of false accusations that happened years back. Because of my Brain Injury I was not aware that it was the same person until my doctor addressed it to me. But she was a great help then and now she seemed even more into my program and trying to find ways to help me and better my program to make it work for me…

I am a survivor of traumatic brain injury TBI due to my injury I have memory problems, speech problems, balance issues and many other things. I am disabled because of this and receive services from the Acquired Brain Injury ABI Medicaid Waiver this waiver allows the state to permit organizations to provide non-medical services to people with ABI/TBI enabling them to live in the community outside of nursing homes and institutions. I'm posting online my experiences as a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury TBI. It is to show the way the United States is not dealing with brain injury and the human cost associated with this neglect and how easy it is for program providers to discriminate against, and taking advantage of someone with a brain injury the way the State of Connecticut; Dept of Social Services, DSS, Employment Options LLC, did to me.

Employment Options LLC 91 Willenbrock Road, # 3a Oxford, CT is? I know what they say they are but I'm still not entirely sure what it is they actually do for brain injury survivors since I experienced no help whatsoever except for a lot of BS! EO has contracts and/or services Bureau of Rehabilitation services, the acquired brain wavier, DDS, and a variety of school system. Staff superiors at Employment Options LLC Jamie Arber, Patty Happy, Case manager Richard Kiley told me, Craig Sears; that EO had someone to work with me that was ILST approved turns out they were not! And when that person moved on, EO told me that they had someone else that was ILST approved, turns out they were not! Then when asked by my doctor about it, again EO stated that they had someone else that was ILST approved turns out they were also not! Do you see the pattern here?

After making formal complaints to my surprise EO finally sent me a person I can trust. At first everything was working for me the way I needed my program to work. I finally had a care giver by the name of Shannon that was a very motivating - dependable – carrying person who took the time to help me with whatever I need help with. In my life being a brain injury survivor, that’s a very rare person to find. When asked how my program was working for me this is what I told them.

During this time I just started advocating for a national children’s PABI plan.

That’s when the games began all over again! EO removed her from working with me and Sent Pre-Vocational Services staff who were instructed by EO management to refrain from providing me any services outlined in my State waiver plan! This made it appear as if they were providing me services when in fact they were not providing me any services to assist me in my work as an advocate!

I informed my Medicaid Waiver Doctor about the fact I was not receiving services outlined in my State waiver plan that Employment Options LLC reported providing me. When the doctor and the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities confronted EO about these facts, (Talk about ignorant, self-absorbed, Jamie Arber and Patty Happy) they then made unreasonable confrontational and defamation of character accusations regarding me working with female staff, and implied I had acted inappropriately. Reporting this to my Medicaid Waiver doctor and P&A as the reason why I was not receiving services.

I found this out at my Dept. of Social Services team meeting. I immediately asked my doctor to look into this B.S.


Hi Craig

You are correct. Shannon denies every accusation made by Employment Options LLC. Wow!

Tariq Abdulaziz PhD MS MS MBA

RE: Shannon and Employment Options LLC

Attention: Craig Sears

I am writing to memorialize my conversation with Shannon on today. The purpose of my conversation with Shannon was to ascertain, as you requested, Shannon's position on her removal from your case by her superiors at Employment Options LLC 91Willenbrock Road Oxford CT 06478

I informed Shannon that both Jamie Arber and Patty Happy had conversations with me regarding her Shannon safety. Jamie Arber and Patty Happy indicated that she Shannon was uncomfortable working with you Craig. Jamie and Patty further related to me that Shannon had requested a change in placement, as she felt uncomfortable working with you. Jamie further stated that he would not place Shannon in a situation where she was uncomfortable and or vulnerable. Finally, he stated that Shannon had been hired for a different position and she was only a temporary solution until permanent staff could be hired.

Shannon vehemently denies that there was ever any behavioral and or sexually inappropriate behavior on your part in any way during her tenure with you. She did not hesitate or waiver when she stated that she never felt at-risk while working with you, she never requested a change in placement, there were no accusations leveled by her against you to her superiors, there were no incidents of inappropriate behavior on your part nor any attempt of an act of inappropriate behavior whether verbal or physical. Shannon stated that she enjoyed working with you and she values what you are attempting to achieve.

It is my hope that this addresses your concerns regarding Shannon's perspective on this matter. If I can be of further assistance regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Tariq Abdulaziz PhD MS MS MBA

If any of this has happened or is happening to you or someone you know please speak up, the one and only way that a change is possible if enough people have become fed up. But if people don’t come forward it will continue. The only way we can grow by letting people know we exist and we are fighting for everyone.

Taken advantage of by Connecticut ABI Waiver program providers

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Employment Options - slander, false accusations, made by a Personal Care Aides/Medicaid Waiver Program provider

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Stephanie’s file

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If you’re disabled or a parent of a brain injury survivor or case manager/caregiver and Jamie Arber, M.A., C.B.I.S., C.C.H.Director of Operations EMDR Practitioner, Current Mindscape Industries, Previous Independent Living Solutions, Employment Options LLC, Eleish Van Breems Ltd or Patty happy of Employment Options LLC works or is working for you do what I did - Tell them to go kick rocks and fire them! These are not the kind of people you want working with brain injury survivors! Sec. 17b-260a-1I, Individuals who are eligible for ABI services shall be given free choice of all qualified providers of each service included in his or her plan of care.

This makes no sense it should have never happen. Shannon I’m sorry for what Employment Options LLC, Jamie Arber now of Mindscape Industries, Patty Happy did, and continues to do to brain injury survivors and Staff.